We are thankful to you and to God every day for making it possible for us to share the Gospel of Jesus in Port Graham.  This ministry is completely dependent on your donations.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible in accordance with the IRS.

Please send your check or cash donations to:

Alaska Village Missions
1295 Mission Rd
Homer, AK 99603

*Please designate your donation to the “Ristow Family”

For Online Credit Card donations:

Please donate online here.  Fill out the form using the following instructions:

  1. Enter dollar amount of donation.
  2. Select either “one-time donation” or “recurring donation”.
  3. If reoccurring, please complete the “How Often” and “Starts On” date.
  4. From the first drop-down menu under “Missionary Name”, select “Steve & Audrey Ristow”.
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. Select payment type.
  7. Enter payment information.
  8. Read and check the Authorization Statement.
  9. Click “Submit”.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us at 907-284-2270 or

Thank you for your generosity!